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Book Luxury Flats in Kolkata with Flora Fountain

People are always searching for the perfect home amidst the urban jungle of the city. They are constantly looking for the best luxury flats in Kolkata that can match your expectations in terms of quality and facilities. People want convenience at their fingertips, so that everything is easily accessible and available to them. After all, we all want the best of things. So why not have a perfect home?


Alcove Realty, one of the most prestigious and renowned builders in real estate, presents Flora Fountain. It offers some of the biggest luxurious residential apartments with all the necessary facilities and amenities that are important to sustain everyday life. Of course, there are variations of spaces dedicated to your convenience. If you searching for the best luxury flats, you can opt for the most luxurious options of either 2, 3 or 4 BHK flats in Kolkata with Flora Fountain.


Why Choose Flora Fountain as One of the Best Residential Projects in Kolkata?



With its flats near EM Bypass, Flora Fountain is a blessing to the daily commuters. With the presence of the bypass, there is the promise of better connectivity with lesser traffic. Furthermore, it offers some of the most modern amenities that are sure to support a contemporary and convenient lifestyle. With beneficial facilities located nearby, it also caters to educational as well as medical needs. The unmatched superiority of Flora Fountain can be seen through the benefits that come with these luxury flats in Kolkata.


The quality of any residential complex is determined by the interiors as well as the exteriors. While Flora Fountain does offer a luxurious 2 or 3 BHK flat in Kolkata (based on your choice), the amenities it offers are beyond comparison.


Amenities Offered by Flora Fountain [EM Bypass Residential Project]:


Each residential complex is entitled to offer a little more than the basics of housing (that is, water, electricity, etc.). Furthermore, there should be some extra features that complement luxurious residential complexes. Apart from these basics, there are some striking amenities that comes with Flora Fountain:


·         Swimming pool as well a dedicated pool for children

·         Air-conditioned space for children’s indoor and outdoor activities

·         Multipurpose hall for karaoke, dancing, etc.

·         Air-conditioned community halls with party lawn

·         Air-conditioned home theatre

·         Gym and jogging track

·         Air-conditioned spaces for yoga and meditation

·         Sitting room for senior citizens

·         Library and studying space


There are other necessities that are present here, such as toilets for ladies and gents as well as changing rooms assisted by shower and locker facility. You can see from these that Flora Fountain does indeed cross the threshold that separates luxury and necessity, by giving you the best of both.


With regards to its locational benefits, you will find the following:



●    Educational Institutions: 
Don Bosco, Mahadevi Birla, Lady Brabourne, Modern High, Loreto (Entally) and Calcutta                    International.
●    Entertainment Zones: 
Science City, Nicco Park, Nalban, Quest Mall and Carnival Cinemas.
●    Health Care Facilities: 
Fortis, Ruby, AMRI (Salt Lake), Columbia Asia and Calcutta National Medical College &                      Hospital.

All these are situated close by, so that you do not have to worry about taking care of these fundamental needs. Also, in the vicinity, you can find Tangra, a small area near the bypass that serves mouth-watering and authentic Chinese cuisine. If you need to celebrate occasions or a find a good place to eat out with friends and family, Tangra is the place to be.


Also, Flora Fountain is entrusted with the duty of maintaining its resident’s safety and security. With state-of-the-art security systems, you can count on Flora Fountain for a good night’s rest.


These are some of the security measures:


·         Active Audio-Visual Intercom System

·         24/7 CCTV Surveillance

·         24/7 Power Back-up

·         Fire-fighting equipment and with appropriate measures


All these come inherently supplied with Flora Fountain’s luxury flats in Kolkata. For commuters, it also points out certain advantages that make the issue of transport hassle-free.


With ample of  buses and auto rickshaws present, you can find places such as Sealdah and Park Circus located close by. Cab services are available as well! The Maa flyover also makes this beneficial to all. If one’s occupation requires them to fly, NSC Bose International Airport is not too far away. Daily commuters can also rejoice with the promise of a new metro station (Garia to Airport) under construction

What About the Luxury Flats Promised by Flora Fountain in Topsia, Kolkata?


You can choose among the best 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats in Kolkata as per the size of family and budget strength. The flats itself are 3 to 4 sides open, facilitating natural sunlight and fresh air to bring peace to your stay. These waterbody-facing flats come with two landscaped water bodies assisted by fountains and lightings for a spectacular view. There is also a view deck and plaza for the residents.


Categories of Luxury Flats in Kolkata Promised by Flora Fountain:






Carpet Area: 560-562 sq. ft.

Built-up Area: 674-675 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area: 899-901 sq. ft.






Carpet Area: 721-917 sq. ft.

Built-up Area: 844-1036 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area:1126-1381 sq. ft.





Carpet Area: 1214-1215 sq. ft.

Built-up Area: 1412 sq. ft.

Super Built-up Area: 1882 sq. ft.


But it’s never about the size of an apartment. It's about what makes you happy and satisfied. Flora Fountain strives to offer its residents the taste of a splendid lifestyle surrounded by top-notch facilities inside as well as outside these residential apartments. It takes care of your health needs, with its gym, jogging track and swimming pool, as well as your educational needs, with some top schools located nearby.


The location itself is ideal to encourage a proper way of living, with all the essentials located in the area. Its superior amenities and advantages make Flora Fountain a seemingly surreal project in nature, but you need to experience it and see it for yourself.

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