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EM Bypass Residential Project to Book 3 BHK Flats in Kolkata

If one is looking to buy a 3BHK flat in Kolkata, turning towards the direction of the EM Bypass region would be a constructive start to the perfect home. The region is well-endowed with an efficient transportation network that allows smooth transport on a regular basis. At the same time, it houses various educational institutions, hospitals, and shopping malls. Choosing EM Bypass residential projects presents one with a wide range of benefits for daily life.



Comprehending and employing these exact benefits, Alcove Realty has used the location for its upcoming residential project, Flora Fountain. Developed by one of the leading builders, its luxury flats in Kolkata are complemented by fountains and lightings spread across a land coverage of roughly 4 acres. One can also find the latest facilities and provisions that come along with its residential apartments.



Flora Fountain, Kolkata – The Infusion of Luxury and Necessity



While there are various EM Bypass residential projects that harness the advantages of the location, there are not very many that provide luxury in its purest form. Flora Fountain, being a symbol of the latter, strives to provide its residents with a true picture of an exquisite lifestyle in the city. Turning regular rooms into spaces clad with sophisticated décor and professional craftsmanship, you can be assured of a life that stands a class apart.



Surrounding the interiors, one can find roughly 5 types of swimming pools on the premises that cover about 8000 sq. ft. There is a separate swimming pool for children as well. With a total of 336 apartments, none of the EM Bypass residential projects compare to the standards that Flora Fountain has set to redefine luxury. The entire project is also embellished by 26,800 sq. ft. of waterbodies with fountains plus 34,500 sq. ft. of landscaped greens.



Characterized by vast open spaces and airy interiors, it successfully encapsulates the virtues of nature into its luxury flats in Kolkata. Regarding its interiors, each of its flats come about 3 to 4 sides open. This allows a healthy flow of fresh air as well as good circulation and ventilation (especially its variation of a 3BHK flat in Kolkata). At the same time, these are waterbody-facing flats which are specifically positioned for the serenity and visual appeal that it presents.


Going into details, what exactly constitutes Flora Fountain?



4 Features that make Flora Fountain the Ideal Choice of Residence




Robust Safety and Security Measures



To instill trust among the residents, residential projects should come with upgraded measures and facilities in times of emergencies. Along with this, there should be provisions that ensure the safety of each family on the premises. These are some of the necessary requirements of a home, and nobody takes this more seriously than Flora Fountain, Kolkata.


With regards to safety, there is the presence of 24*7 CCTV surveillance along with an active audio-visual intercom system. Moreover, there is also well-equipped personnel to handle security concerns. There are also adequate safety measures. In case of a fire outbreak, there are contemporary measures and arrangements to handle the same.



Contemporary Set of Clubhouse Facilities



The list of amenities is the key indicator of the quality of life that a residential property promises. A large part of the appeal is generated by the amenities that come with flats. As a result, prospective buyers base their decisions keeping a distinct track of the amenities that are offered. Flora Fountain, Kolkata, presents a splendid set of amenities.


Ranging from a well-stocked gym to a home theatre, one can find the following facilities for residents:


●    Swimming pool as well a pool for children
●    AC community halls
●    AC space for children’s indoor games
●    Outdoor multipurpose court
●    Multipurpose hall for karaoke, dancing, etc.
●    Jogging track


Eco-friendly Characteristics



As time passes, builders are becoming more concerned about the damage that their projects cause to the environment. Thus, many builders have started incorporating the values of green living into their spaces as well as using eco-friendly practices and materials for their projects. An IGBC rating given to a building certifies the same.


Obtaining a Gold-level rating, Flora Fountain’s luxury flats in Kolkata come with certain provisions to conserve natural resources:


●    Rainwater harvesting
●    Solar powered lighting in areas
●    Water filtration plant
●    Sewage treatment plant



Location Benefits of EM Bypass





As previously discussed, Flora Fountain, Kolkata is situated at one of the most productive locations in the city. With regards to what the location offers, one can find the following:


●    Entertainment Zones: 
 Science City, Nicco Park, and Quest Mall
●    Health Care Facilities: 
 Fortis, Ruby, AMRI (Salt Lake), and Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital
●    Educational Institutions: 
 Don Bosco, Mahadevi Birla, Lady Brabourne, Modern High and Loreto (Entally)


At the same time, the location offers good transport connectivity to other parts of the city. Offering ease and hassle-free commute options, one can find the following:


●    Proximity to Maa flyover for hassle-free travel
●    Easy access to the NSC Bose Airport
●    Sealdah Railway Station to commute via rail
●    Upcoming Garia to Airport metro link


Keeping all these advantages at hand, choosing EM Bypass residential projects will prove to be a wise decision, especially when one is considering a catch like Flora Fountain. Displaying numerous reasons to select the same, this upcoming project by Alcove Realty is clearly the undisputed choice of residence in the city.

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