23 April


Flora Fountain - Luxury Apartment in Kolkata Near EM Bypass

In the city of Kolkata, there are many regions that are chosen for the purpose of residential projects. The main criteria for a residential area rest on the foundation of its ability to allow seamless transportation to other regions as well as the benefits that the location provides. All luxury apartments in Kolkata that are being picked out are majorly based on its location and transport benefits. The quality of the living spaces alone does not provide a well-rounded lifestyle to residents.



For that matter, it would be good to get acquainted with the EM Bypass region. Ideally positioned in the city, EM Bypass residential projects bear a good deal of advantages for homebuyers. Its close proximity to the Maa Flyover as well as the ‘Seven Point Crossing’ offers hassle-free options for commuting. Similarly, its central-based location allows one to visit various parts of the city with great ease and convenience.



But that’s not all.



EM Bypass residential projects also benefit due to the provisions available in the surrounding area. In terms of healthcare, entertainment, or education, one can find good names in the vicinity. A small region called Tangra lies near the EM Bypass, which is renowned for its splendid quality of Chinese cuisine. Places such as Nicco Park and Science City can also be found close by.



If you are interested in residential property in the EM Bypass region, have you selected a project yet?



Flora Fountain, Kolkata – One of Alcove’s Top Upcoming Residential Projects





Alcove Realty, a leading brand in real estate sphere, has embellished the cityscape by using its upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. One such notable mention includes Flora Fountain, a residential complex that is based in the EM Bypass region.



Flora Fountain is the culmination of Alcove’s efforts to surpass the acknowledged benchmarks of luxury apartments in Kolkata. Covering a land area of about 4 acres, one can find large and airy spaces along with a modern set of facilities for its residents. Every inch of this EM Bypass residential project speaks of opulence and grandeur.



On the premises, one can find 26,800 sq. ft. of waterbodies with fountains along with 34,500 sq. ft. lush greenery and foliage. Accompanied by this, there is an area of 8,000 sq. ft. of swimming pools that range across 5 types. With a total of 336 apartments in these twin towers, Flora Fountain, Kolkata, is tailored to suit your needs of the ideal home.



Why are Flora Fountain’s Luxury Apartments the Ideal Choice of Residence?




There is a mix of several elements that give Flora Fountain its elevated status in the city. Here are the following:


●    Splendid Apartments: Varying from 2,3 and 4BHK categories of apartments, one can find spacious and well-ventilated rooms for living. With apartments being 3 to 4 sides open, you can expect fresh breeze and radiant sunlight to define your interiors. Apartments are based on efficient floor plans and structural layouts that make proper use of vast spaces. You will also see elegance in terms of design and décor assisted by top fittings and furnishes.


●    Effective Location: The potential of the region has led to the creation of multiple EM Bypass residential projects such as Flora Fountain. This can be directly attributed to the nearby facilities that it houses. One can find schools such as Don Bosco and Loreto Entally along with hospitals such as Fortis and AMRI. Similarly, entertainment zones such as Quest Mall and Acropolis are not far.


●    Contemporary Amenities: The extra benefits of Flora Fountain’s luxury flats in Kolkata come in the form of its amenities. One can find several provisions that cater to the need for leisure and recreation. The hectic city life can now take a back seat. One can find a good set of amenities such as swimming pools, indoor games room, gym and jogging track, home theatre, outdoor children’s play area, etc.  


●    Robust Security and Safety: A matter concerning prime importance, security and safety can be assured by its high standards that Flora Fountain provides. Regarding security, one can find 24/7 CCTV surveillance and an active audio-visual intercom system in case of unfamiliar individuals or activities. There are also updated measures and arrangements in case of fires as well.


●    Ease in Transportation: The area facilitates an effective means of transport for residents. Whether for educational or occupational purposes, you can be rest assured that traveling from your home is nothing less than a cakewalk. The Maa Flyover and the Seven Point Crossing combine to provide easy options, while its nearness to the Sealdah Railway Station is useful as well.


●    Eco-friendliness of Project: Being a pre-certified IGBC building, these towers sustain themselves as well as the immediate environment. With regards to building materials and energy systems, one can find eco-friendly options for the same. Moreover, Flora Fountain hosts a few provisions such as a sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting, solar-powered lighting, and a water filtration plant.


These features are highly desirable among many upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, and with Flora Fountain, you get more than you can imagine. Posing advantages on all fronts of daily existence, one can get a glimpse of a life that is defined by extravagance and unprecedented levels of comfort.



Alcove Realty strives to imbue the values of perfection through each of its projects. With Flora Fountain’s luxury flats in Kolkata, witness the flawless combination of design and structure in living spaces. Designed to provide a higher standard of life for its residents, it is definitely worth all the attention it receives.

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