17 April


Flora Fountain - Luxury Flats in Kolkata with Eco-Friendly Homes

With residential projects coming up in Kolkata at a colossal rate, every builder is motivated to redefine luxury by providing a unique choice of amenities. Alcove Realty stands out for the simple reason that it not only builds residences, its focus is on building a happy future for all its residents. In the attempt to redefine living in all aspects, Alcove Realty built Flora Fountain that offers luxury flats in Kolkata. Apart from its luxe amenities and multiple other impressive features, the extravagant flats at Flora Fountain are eco-friendly too. Experience an upgraded lifestyle in these green homes filled with multiple health benefits. Let’s find out how.


Flora Fountain - a Perfect Fusion of Luxury Living & Eco-friendly Homes



Flora Fountain is an extremely well-planned project offering 2/ 3/ 4 BHK flats in EM Bypass. These flats promise convenience and comfort at every step of your life with a plethora of exclusive amenities and picturesque settings. It will surely exceed your expectations with its different yet welcoming approach towards contemporary living.


What Makes the Flats in Flora Fountain, EM Bypass Luxurious & Comfortable?



Located off EM Bypass in the heart of Topsia, these luxury flats in Kolkata are exquisite. At par with international living standards, the project boasts architectural brilliance with an elegant facade and a magnificent lobby. Alongside this, the positioning of Flora Fountain ensures easy accessibility to every part of the city owing to its proximity to Maa Flyover, Park Circus connector & CIT Road. Moreover, the upcoming metro facility nearby guarantees a time-saving and pocket-friendly commutes.


Apart from the prime location acting as a favorable factor for modern homebuyers, Flora Fountain allows you to reside in the soothing lap of nature. Tree-shaded avenues adorned with lights and over 26800 sq ft of peaceful water bodies dotted with fountains imported from Germany shall be an everyday serene sight. These 3 to 4 sides open and South/ water body facing luxury flats in Kolkata are exquisite not only for its utopian setting but also because of the impeccable lifestyle it offers. With remarkable attributes such as open spaces with landscaped greens and fresh air from ample foliage, luxury living has been taken a notch higher at Flora Fountain.


These luxury flats in Kolkata house a 56,000 sq ft double-height clubhouse that is made to offer a wide range of contemporary amenities. Some of the facilities incorporated for your recreation and leisure are an AC home theatre, a well-furnished reading room, multipurpose hall, swimming pool with poolside deck, hi-tech gym with lockers and AC community halls (with party lawns and kitchen facility) among others.


The benefits of these eco-friendly homes do not end here. State-of-the-art security and surveillance deserve a special mention as your safety is the builders’ top priority. With world-class fire safety and firefighting arrangements, you can now do away with stress from unforeseen dangers. These flats in EM Bypass have a reputation for its quality living spaces filled with an upgraded set of luxurious amenities for a modern lifestyle. That’s not all. These flats are also infused with other remarkable facilities that make it eco-friendly. Here’s how:


What Makes the Apartments at Flora Fountain Eco-friendly Homes


Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is the first-ever green home rating program in India. Its exclusive residential housing rating program checks the authenticity of newly-built eco-friendly homes so that builders and homebuyers alike are able to move towards a sustainable tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, IGBC has pre-certified Flora Fountain as a green housing project that facilitates an environment-friendly residence.


Accredited as a Gold rated Green Building by IGBC, Flora Fountain guarantees storage and efficient use of natural resources such as sunlight and rainwater, with its solar powered lighting in common areas and its rain water harvesting and Water filtration plant. Not only do these features help in a sustainable future by reducing and reusing nature’s gifts but it also reduces electricity and maintenance cost, enhances the surroundings of these luxury flats in Kolkata and reduces depletion of resources. It also ensures a healthier environment for its residents with bountiful sprawling greens.


Climate change is such a pressing issue that we all need to make a conscious effort to keep our planet healthy. In our constant endeavour to change the lives of modern homebuyers, we at Alcove Realty have taken an initiative to create an impact on the environment without having our consumers compromise on comfort. With a myriad of international standard features in these flats in EM Bypass, the project is rightly known to be a beautiful tapestry of luxury and health.


Come to Flora Fountain to experience luxury living amidst nature like never before.

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