24 February


Kid friendly amenities at Flora Fountain

Kids will be Kids. They still want to swing, and slide, and climb and spin. And for adults, it’s important to appreciate the value of play. With the worth of play-time in mind, Flora Fountain wants to keep children safe and while allowing them have fun. Long gone are the days of stickball in the streets, or playing jacks on the sidewalk. As children become more sophisticated and tech-savvy, keeping up with the times can prove daunting to both parents and to those tasked with programming activities for kids in multifamily communities. That said however, the child at play has remained regardless of the times. You’d be hard pressed to find a child who can resist the allure of a playground or swing set. Not only does it entertain them, it encourages an active, healthy lifestyle cleverly disguised as frolicking. And having these types of amenities in Flora Fountain promotes an overall sense of bonding and gives our younger residents a place to call their own.

Younger Residents, Different Needs

Flora Fountain catering to all their needs at one go

1. Kids’ Pool-

Whenever you go on vacation with your children, they demand that you stay at a hotel with a swimming pool. There is just something about swimming pools that children love, which is why an apartment with a pool makes for a perfect home for kids. It is not only fun for kids but can provide some important benefits as well. Children who have swimming pools at their homes have been shown to have stronger swimming skills, allowing them to be safer in most kinds of water bodies. A pool is also a good way to get kids active, and make them maintain good health.

2. Multipurpose Hall for Dance Classes-

What can be a better venue to than the spacious and well-equipped multipurpose hall in your own residence where dance sessions can be held and rehearsed. Be it guided dancing classes or rehearsals for school functions, Flora Fountain’s multipurpose hall provides space to express all artistry.

3. AC Indoor Kids’ Zone-

The AC Indoor Kids’ Zone for children at Flora Fountain is a place to play and interact socially with other kids, inside the complex but still within a relative comfort zone. If you are a parent who doesn’t like stepping on a pile of Legos en-route to your morning coffee, a play space can help keep toys somewhat contained. If you don’t want to tidy up your apartment every time you host a multi-kid play date,  you can take them down to the common and let them play all they want, without worrying about the post clean-up section.

4. Well-equipped Outdoor Children’s Play Area and Creche Space-

We can bet that it is much-used, much-loved addition to Flora Fountain. An outdoor playground with slides, swings and other items at Flora Fountain encompasses a large area for small children to primarily use it. No matter the size, just having Crèche Space for children to let off steam and for parents take a break in a safe and fun environment is worth it.

The sense of safety and recreation adds a value to homeownership that is beyond the actual value of it. Hence, in the search for safe child-friendly amenities, it is high time we appreciate the value of ‘play’.

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