17 May


Upcoming EM Bypass Residential Project to Book 3 & 4 BHK Flats

The city of Kolkata has seen a rapid spurt in the number of real estate projects in recent times. With residential projects emerging all over the city whether it is on the outskirts, in the south side of the city or right in the centre. Alcove Realty is the only developer who has carved out a name for itself among other reputed real estate brands. With upcoming and ongoing projects in every part of Kolkata, there is not a single location Alcove Realty hasn’t tapped into. Known for securing the finest locations for its housing projects, they never disappoint. With their latest residential project in E.M Bypass- Flora Fountain, they promise seamless transportation coupled with all the other locational benefits.


Apart from the exceptional exteriors of the housing complex, the interiors also contribute significantly when investing in a property. If it is abundance of space you dream of in your future flat, 4 BHK flats in Flora Fountain is the correct option for you. Get a much needed escape from cluttered living with these spacious apartments where you can enjoy your peace and privacy. Enjoy added benefits of transforming the spare rooms any way you want. The possibilities are endless when you have ample space. You can utilize this space by converting them into guest rooms in case of any surprise visits or store room to stock all your junk.

Flora Fountain- Dream Destination to book 3 & 4 BHK Flats




Being one of the upcoming E.M Bypass residential projects, Flora Fountain raises the standard of living by providing utmost comfort in all sectors. Designed by three big names in real estate brands, this residential project promises to be one of a kind.


Here are a list of factors that make this project most suitable for those wishing to purchase 3/4 BHK flats in Kolkata:



●    Prime location- It cannot be stressed enough that the location of the residential project matters exceedingly when purchasing a property. The position of Flora Fountain is such that the prospective residents will be entitled to a life of convenience. The proximate distance to various utilities such as medical facilities, educational institutions, social hubs etc. make this area a prime location in the city. Reap the benefits of having all kinds of utilities within your palm’s reach. Having leading business centres such as J.W Marriott, ITC Sonar and entertainment zones such as Nicco Park, Quest Mall have established E.M Bypass as a thriving site for any endeavour.


●    Transportation - An effective means of transport system that makes commuting convenient is mandatory in all luxury apartments in Kolkata. Flora Fountain gives a whole new dimension to the concept of connectivity given the area it is situated in. Whether for business purposes or frequent medical visits, travelling will be an easy affair for every resident. One can avail benefits of the proximate Sealdah station or enjoy the easy connectivity Maa flyover provides.


●    Amenities- Known for providing the best of facilities in its residential complexes, trust Alcove Realty to offer a living experience above all. With state of art amenities that cater to your every requirement, lead a lifestyle you’ve only dreamt of so far. These are some of the facilities that make Flora Fountain stand out from the rest of residential projects:


1.    AC Home Theatre/TV Arena
2.    Swimming pool with a poolside deck
3.    Hi-tech Multi Gym with changing rooms & lockers
4.    Multipurpose Hall for Karaoke, Dance Classes,Cooking etc
5.    Dedicated kitchen and Cafeteria, with sitting capacity of 50 people
6.    Two AC Community Halls with Party Lawn & Kitchen facility
7.    AC Indoor Meditation and Yoga Hall and Outdoor Yoga Deck
8.    Library/Study Space/Senior Citizen’s Sitting Room.
9.    AC Indoor Kids’ Zone, Well-equipped Outdoor Children’s Play Area and Creche Space

●    Price & Specification- Large investments call for reputed builders. With Alcove Realty, you will not have to compromise on any aspect of your apartment. From vast spaces in the flat, to exclusive set of amenities, you will be entitled to the best possible living experience. Considering the fluctuating economy of the country, Flora Fountain offers a GST discount upto 7.5%
Whether you’re searching for 3 BHK flats in Kolkata or 4-bedroom apartments, Flora Fountain offers a range of specifications to suit your requirements:



1.    2 BHK apartments:
Carpet Area: 560 – 562 sq. ft.
Super Built-up Area: 899 – 901 sq. ft.

2.    3 BHK apartments:
Carpet Area: 726 – 865 sq. ft.
Super Built-up Area: 1126 – 1381 sq. ft.

3.    4 BHK apartments:
Carpet Area: 1214 – 1215 sq. ft.
Super Built-up Area: 1882 sq. ft.


●    Aesthetic appeal- Similar to the twin towers of Flora Fountain, this real estate project offers dual perks of decorated interiors and alluring color patterns. Well versed in delivering styles that are pleasing to the eyes, Flora Fountain has an aesthetic appeal like no other. The imported flooring in these waterbody facing flats contribute towards creating a superior level of lifestyle. In addition, the 3-4 sides open from these floor to ceiling windows give a larger than life feeling. 


●    Eco- friendly features- Leading the charts by offering its residents a choice to live a healthy and smart life, Flora Fountain provides the best of both worlds. You are entitled to a life of convenience and ease and at the same time get to bask in the lush greenery of nature. These are the multifaceted eco-friendly features that urge the residents to go green:

1.    Rain Water Harvesting
2.    Water Filtration Plant
3.    Sewerage Treatment Plant
4.    Solar-powered Lighting (In select common areas)


Aiming towards excellence, this housing project includes all the desirable features one conceives in their dream apartment. Strategically constructed in the hub of Kolkata, a better location than this is difficult to find. Especially suitable for those looking to buy 4 BHK flats in Kolkata, the apartments in this residential complex offer a breathtaking view with its 3-4 open side windows. Lead a life of unexpected extravagance in these opulent flats.

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