22 November


Upcoming EM Bypass Residential Project to Book Luxury Flats in Kolkata

A luxurious life is defined by the overall quality of the residence as well as by the standard of the facilities present. Luxury flats in Kolkata are aimed at providing utmost ease to residents along with providing generous spaces for various activities in the premises. Many upcoming residential projects in Kolkata are setting milestones in terms of amenities. The common provisions include swimming pools, home theatre, spa, parking spaces, fitness centres, lounge areas, and other such clubhouse facilities.

Luxury apartments also come with high-end security measures. Safety is guaranteed by highly-efficient personnel as well as electronic security means. You can be assured of complete protection behind the doors of luxury flats in Kolkata. At the same time, developers choose certain locations so as to have the company of a well-developed neighbourhood. With great provisions for healthcare, education, and entertainment, you can find all that you require.

There are many upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, EM Bypass region, that fit the above prerequisites. The location is also known to provide great transport connectivity across various regions of the city. The EM Bypass offers a great advantage for daily commuters. At the same time, schools like Don Bosco Park Circus and Loreto Entally lie close by, with Quest Mall and Nicco Park not far from the site as well. It is one of the top residential areas chosen by developers for their luxury flats in Kolkata.

Employing these advantages, Alcove Realty has set up its marvellous residential project in the EM Bypass area. Flora Fountain, Kolkata, is designed to offer an elite standard of life with cutting-edge facilities. Known for its elegant style, the property extends to over 4 acres of land area. Its various features and facilities aim to provide standards that can be juxtaposed to an international lifestyle. It stands as a worthy choice of luxury flats in Kolkata.

What does Alcove’s Flora Fountain Offer for Residents?

Composing the right mix of elements, these luxurious apartments are equipped with modern-based features for an unmatched way of life. Its twin towers offer the best of conveniences for residents without compromising on the necessities of housing. Going past that threshold, Flora Fountain sets in own benchmark in the sphere of real estate.

Being one of the top upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, EM Bypass, Flora Fountain offers top-notch interiors. Upscale design complemented by stylish décor and flooring comprises each apartment. While these are south-facing flats, the view of a waterbody welcomes one each day. With flats being 3 to 4 sides open, expect a fresh start to your mornings.

In terms of exteriors, one can find an abundance of greenery as well as fountains and lightings for a natural yet sophisticated atmosphere. Speaking of natural, Flora Fountain, Kolkata possesses an IGBC Gold-level certification. This is evidence of the fact that its materials, energy systems, waste management, etc. poses no threat to its immediate environment. It also contains eco-friendly features that prove the same.

While discussing these, why not cover the major points?


Features of Flora Fountain’s Upcoming Flats in EM Bypass

  • Eco-friendly Characteristics of Flora Fountain, Kolkata:

Obtaining an IGBC Gold-level rating is a sign of excellence in terms of eco-friendliness. While dominating the resident project with the values of luxury, Flora Fountain also comprises features that help conserve nature. For instance, one can find a water treatment plant, rainwater harvesting, solar-powered lighting, and a sewage treatment plant located on site. An environmentally responsible project deserves full credit for its endeavours.

  • Location Benefits of Upcoming EM Bypass Residential Project:

As discussed before, the location of the project is suitable for daily transport. Its flats are also near to Park Circus, a hub that allows routes to many places (hence called the Seven Point Crossing). Similarly, its proximity to the Maa Flyover offers several routes to a variety of locations without the interruption of traffic and noise. The EM Bypass region also houses leading hospitals such as Fortis and AMRI, a part of its apt location in Kolkata.

  • Top-rated Amenities for its Luxury Flats in Kolkata:

The most eye gripping component of any residential project, it partially gives a hint of the life one will lead. Flora Fountain has a superior set of amenities diverging greatly from any other upcoming project in Kolkata, EM Bypass. Whether you want to relax with a dip in the pool or watch a movie with your family, you can many such means to live stress-free. One can find the following amenities:

·         Gym and jogging track

·         Swimming pool as well a pool for children

·         Multipurpose hall for karaoke, dancing, etc.

·         AC community halls

·         AC space for children’s indoor and outdoor activities

·         Home theatre

·         Library and study space


  • Efficient Security and Safety Provisions at Flora Fountain:

Security and safety are also hallmarks of luxury flats in Kolkata. Being engulfed in extravagant living also requires the best of safety and security measures. For that matter, each resident is entitled to an active AV intercom system as well as 24*7 CCTV surveillance. In the case of fires, there are efficient protocols and equipment in order to ensure safety.

Flora Fountain is the physical manifestation of grandeur in the city. Posing an upgrade to all the basic facilities, one can be sure to find a flawless home in the vicinity of the EM Bypass.

From the aforementioned features, it is evident that Flora Fountain raises the bar in all aspects of contemporary housing.