13 June


Your Upcoming Dream Apartment in Kolkata Near EM Bypass [HURRY]

Living your days without the quintessential essence of happiness is quite depressing for the human race. No matter what amount of money and luxury you have earned for yourself, without the flavor of happiness in your days will make your life mundane. With this objective in mind, Flora Fountain, Kolkata is being shaped up by Alcove Realty near EM Bypass. Apart from luxury, the project is imbued with happiness which will double up the joy of living in this EM Bypass residential project, thus providing the residents with a lifestyle beyond the realistic expectation.

However, what are these features that enable Flora Fountain to stand out among other EM Bypass residential projects within the same price range? We shall discuss the same in the next section of the blog.



Flora Fountain Kolkata - Redefining Luxury Well-Blended with Happiness





Trust us when we say luxury is infused at every corner if the project. An upcoming venture of Alcove Realty, if you are looking for a centrally located residential project within a decent price range, Flora Fountain is your go-to answer. And why not? The project is extremely well-planned to provide the residents with a well-rounded lifestyle. Ok, a lot of 'beating around the bush' is happening here. Hence, here are the reasons that make Flora Fountain with luxury apartments in Kolkata worth the investment.



Apartments Just Like Your Dream Abode





Flora Fountain has been chalked out to come up with luxury apartments in Kolkata within a price range that is unbeatable. The project will come up with 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats in Kolkata that will give a new meaning to comfort and style. When we say comfort, it means that the apartments are spacious rather than having a typical cubicle structural layout. With 3-4 sides open apartment, expect to breath fresh air and spend your days in the natural light that will rejuvenate your senses every single day.  When we say style, it means that the apartments are infused with meticulous design along with a touch of opulence to bring out that luxurious quality.



Amenities & Facilities for an Easy Lifestyle



Flora Fountain, Kolkata comes with an excellent set of facilities and amenities, specially curated to provide future residents with a lifestyle that is easy and fun to live. Alcove understands the importance of these two elements which is why they have carefully chosen features that will make one's lifestyle easy. In this EM Bypass residential project, treat yourself with features like:



●    5 types of swimming pool

●    Multipurpose hall for any activity

●    Hitech gym with changing room and lockers

●    A children’s play area

●    A jogging track

●    A 24/7 CCTV surveillance with an audio-visual intercom system. 

●    Rainwater harvesting

●    Car parking across three levels 

●    Water filtration facility

●    Wi-fi facility, etc. 

Connectivity to Make Daily Traveling an Easy Affair



Being centrally located, Fountain Fountain embraces healthy connectivity via different forms of transportation. This EM Bypass residential project will allow you to travel any part of the city via bus, cab and upcoming metro link in Ruby. Hence, with 3 and 4BHK flats in Kolkata under Flora Fountain, your task of traveling to your office or any other place is sorted.



Location Embracing Peace & Convenience



Though with apartments in EM Bypass, the project will provide the residents with a surrounding embracing serenity with apartments overlooking a water body. However, it will not compromise on commercial facilities. The project is close to a plethora of food joints, entertainment zones, healthcare centers, schools, etc. This attribute will make life at Flora Fountain, Kolkata complete in every way.


Apart from that, this EM Bypass residential project is pre-certified by IGBC which bestows it with Gold Rated buildings. It means apart from luxury, the project will also stress on the significance of maintaining a sustainable habitat. This will give rise to an environment that will keep the residents healthy as well. And guess what? You’ll get all these staring from 64.47 lakhs onwards in a cream location like EM Bypass.  What’s more? Nothing as such apart from checking out the project 2, 3 and 4BHK flats in Kolkata.

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